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Re: Aikido: Your purpose in life ?

And one final word to Ian :

Let us hypothesize : not that it is true but let us say for this instance, for the sake of the argument : So what if I do sincerely want to make Aikido my purpose for living rather than sex and booze ?

So what ? You mean I can't use my resources and education to invest it in studying Aikido while taking care of my family ? So what if I do desire to be Uchi Deshi ? Earn my living and use the money to go to Japan to train ? So what ? Who made you God Ian ?

Here is me appealing to your emotion (Pathos) and your logic (Logos) : Its better to have some goal, purpose and direction in your life than to have none. And here is my refute to your post : Besides Martial Arts being martial, they are DO's . Some of them at least. And why do you think they created Dos rather than stick with Jitsu ? May I suggest a sense of purpose in life ? In the case of AI KI DO , in the vernacular that everybody is familiar with : The purpose is to discover the true Budo - Aiki. In Karate, there is the school Kyo Ku Shin, ultimate truth. Their purpose when sparring and practising their art is obviously to discover Ultimate Truth in life.
And what of Ken DO and Ju DO and all the other DOS ?

So coming back to the post which you criticized as having no "critical thinking" and our hypothesis : You are seriously not just criticizing me but indirectly the whole history of Aiki DO. So I leave you with my introduction inquisitive (at the end of this argument) : SO WHAT OF I DO MAKE AIKIDO THE PURPOSE OF MY LIFE ? This question goes to Ian Hurst not the Aikido community online. Exactly, none of your so called intellectual business.

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