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Re: Aikido: Your purpose in life ?

Has Aikido given you a purpose in life ?
A sense of direction : that Aikido is all you ever wanted and all you would ever want to do over and over in this life ?
- I have a life, aikido is a part of it
Have you ever thought of even being an uchi deshi at the hombu dojos and dreamed of having a close bunch of fellow deshis to share your life with
I shower alone and avoid all cults with new "gettaway ya booger" hair tonic

Sorry, while I find your enthusiasm engaging, the lack on any critical thinking implied by your post rather worrying. Aikido is not there to fill a gap in your life, it should (at best) be there to enhance it in some way. May I suggest trying sex and alcohol first - cheap and potentially sleazy options which normally lead to life ennobling choices or long term angst, either of which have (historically) at least bring forth awesome music.
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