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Re: Can aikido be taught?

Originally posted by dakaiki
Do you think Aikido can be taught properly ?
You can teach basic ideas/techniques/principles to a student but how can you get them to progress and be able
to feel the technique?

Any answers!

Hello David!

Yes, aikido can be taught! ...there are thousands of aikido students across this globe as proof! (Yes, I know, this is just circumstantial evidence at best!)

The best way for anybody to progress in anything is to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! It's the only way I know of for getting the feeling of any technique. It's really up to the student to press himself to acquire this feeling, or proficiency. The instructor can only 'guide' you along the way!

These's a great indepth article on this very subject at, it is written by Peter Goldsbury. He is one of the 'Heavy-Weights' in the aikido community, so it's worth reading! (This article is in the 'Subscriber's Only' section of Aikido Journal, sorry if you're not a subscriber!)


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