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Hi Dallas! I'll take you up on this one....

Good year: My wife and I got a new daughter (our second)
Bad year: I've got a hard time ajusting to not sleeping enough .
Good year: Nice co-workers at job.
Bad year: generally a bad year for the IT-industry around here. First layoffs for years where I work, and that creates a bad atmosphere around the office. Even the outlooks for the future are not to good .
Good year: Great seminar with Nishio Sensei during easter, and I actually keep up practicing - oh and I got a new Gi that looks much better than the old one.
Bad year: I never get to practice as much as I want to, and I still can't afford to go to Japan.
Good year: Kyoto-agreement partially accepted.
Bad year: Bush is president and messes up relatively good US-relations towards Europe.
Good year: Mannaged to finish an assignment for my Masters degree.
Bad year: Can't find the time to do the two remaining major assignments and will have to concidere never graduating....
Best wishes for a GOOD YEAR to everybody (and not a TIRE-some year (joke - bad one - I know!!! )).

- Jørgen Jakob Friis

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