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Re: The Iron Hand Technique ( Illustration )

Jarah Al-Tubaikh wrote:
what made me interest in such concept a small discussion with a master in Jeet Kun Do ... he was chatting with me that there is no such Ki concept and it's very big lie that is belived by millions
I think the real problem is that there really is a Ki, it's just that it's not myterious-force-permeating-the-universe that a lot of people think they're talking about when the topic of Ki comes up. When a real martial artist has ki he has certain demonstrable and reproducible skills and things that he can do. I agree with your friend that the mysterious force concept of Ki is a lie.... but when he says it like that I also know that his level of skill in the real martial arts is not that high.
.. he said that Bruce Lee is a legend in martial arts
Only in the West back during a time when the level of martial arts was pretty low and "judo" was considered high-tech.

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