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Re: The Iron Hand Technique ( Illustration )


Thnx guys for replying and for ur interest in my illustration

I illustrated the conditioning part of the Iron hand ... of course it depends on alot of physics on how to strike, the angel of impact and the force

what made me interest in such concept a small discussion with a master in Jeet Kun Do ... he was chatting with me that there is no such Ki concept and it's very big lie that is belived by millions because of the famous concept ( if u want to lie, say a big lie so people can belive u ) ... he told me ur Ki power is useless without a good grip and a good punch ... although I'm practicing Ki exercises daily I feel a stronger grip and fist, the way he was mocking my belives annoyed me ... he really have a powerful grip and punch ... which made me want to increase my skills and power by knowing the concept of Iron hand .... but of course the idea of making small fractures in my hand and the formation of callus over the metacarpal bones + future possibility of arthrosis in the hand scarred me so I forgot about the idea

Still what he said concern me ... he said that Bruce Lee is a legend in martial arts and if u want to be a strong martial artist u have to walk his path ... not wast time in mystical belives ... and he told me that whenever I feel that Aikido is powerful enough to withstand a good fight, I'm welcome to try it with a student of his ... of course I didn't reply because chatting of this kind is pointless ... I'm feeling Ki ... and I'm feeling an effect ... I won't disbelive my senses that easily

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