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Originally posted by akiy
Interesting. I've heard "aiki" defined by others basically as a dominating force -- none of this "blending" and "harmonizing" stuff.

Any thoughts?

-- Jun
Maybe this could sound interesting to Aikiweb folks.

(from Endo Sensei's Site: ).

While practicing in this state, I realized that techniques consisted of the relationship between my partner and myself. While executing techniques focusing my consciousness on my relationship with my partner, just for an instant, I was able to experience a state beyond words. All of my consciousness disappeared and it was as if I was riding upon some immense flow. In that state, although I had no consciousness, I could see my partner's movements well and my body moved naturally and accordingly. I also noticed that I had become positive, optimistic, and diligent all the time. I could feel an all- pervading energy that was always pulsing within my partner. I went through many trials of trying to negate any selfish or self-centered consciousness, and instead focusing on my partner. This led to being able to experience the sensation of moving naturally and without any distinction between my partner and myself. From these experiences, I became convinced that I had discovered the direction of seeking the Tao.



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