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Hi Jun
Well, it is, isn't it?
Use aiki to get the result you want.
Aiki-Budo, Aiki-Jutsu? Used to defeat the enemy. AikiDo...? Used to get the result you want.
Here's a new discovery for me, in Nikkyo.
(I know, everyone has done it this way, I just see it differently now )
Apply nikkyo just a little, to buckle uke's knees just a tiny amount, release the nikkyo, as uke 'stands up' (it really isn't a big movement at all,) enter with tenchi/irimi/kokyu. Much more gentle, and working with a totally natural reaction to the nikkyo. So MY purpose is... Ju? Aiki?
neither! My purpose is (I have no idea!!!) whatever my purpose is.
I could just nikkyo my attacker and teach him a lesson, but that's one step back.
So aiki is the 'move' (or motion!) but my motivation is the Do. However, being totally imperfect the Do is harder than the Aiki. Which makes aikido harder for me to learn. Blah blah blah....
Sorry for yapping.

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