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Re: dealing with uke from hell

A resisting uke is open for every thing else since his mind is on resisting a technique he knows is coming.When you resist you cannot do kaeshiwaza and you exposes yourself to all kind of bad things from nage. I never saw resistance in a jiuwaza or randori because uke does not know what's coming.
I am with Corky Q on that one when he says a resisting uke is not attacking but defending and to do aiki you need a commited attack.
When I enconter a uke like that I try to relax completely, that way I do not give any physical indication in my body where my energy will come from. I have learned one thing over the years, if nage is tense uke becomes tense, if nage relaxes uke relaxes even if he wants to resist. It is very hard to do, I can do it sometimes not much enough to my taste but working very hard on it. I wish somebody had teached me that when I was beginning aikido.
My worst uke is somebody whose not attacking at all, I mean he grabs me with a noodle arm or does a shomen who dies before it even starts. I don't know what to do with that kind of no attack. I cannot connect with him, should I throw myself at him, march on him until he goes to the ground ?
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