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dealing with uke from hell

George Ledyard Sensei recently wrote a brilliant post about the Role of Uke, and i wanted to bring the discussion back to the role of tori, with that already in mind.

when I say 'uke from hell' (UFH), i use the term as i remember reading it from somewhere long ago, in that UHF is a skilled practitioner who knows what s/he is doing, but intentionally gives tori uncommitted attacks, locks off, or pulls a kaeshi waza. in the context where i first read about that term, it was used as a specific training drill to help tori learn sensitivity, reversals and so forth.

however, i'm wondering what one could/should do if there were particular practitioners, who were UFH out of a specific training context? i meant, if there was a practitioner who would constantly give uncommitted attacks, lock off, or pull a kaeshi waza, regardless of what sensei was teaching, what should one do?

assuming that sensei has decided not to take specific action on that student--does that mean that tori should move out of the boundaries of the specific technique being taught, and start implementing his/her repertoire of henka waza, kaeshi waza or atemi waza on that person? or is that just being spiteful and disrespectful?

without having to fall back on sensei's role/responsibility here, what would be the responsible and appropriate response of a fellow student in this case? should they just try and try again to do the specific technique that sensei demonstrated, patiently until they get it just right? or is this an off-mat matter?

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