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Aikido and Music

Hi David and Matthew,

You've provided people reading your recent posts with invaluable pieces of "Pure Aiki Music".

I can see some people listening to certain pieces while viewing aikido footage at home (I know I'll be doing that this evening), some may have a piece of music accompany their meditation or warm-ups before or after a class. Some people will choose to have a piece play in the background during a group practice:-- assuming the dojocho and everyone attending agrees in advance! I'm thinking of having the Bach Cello Prelude playing in the background next time I practice a jo kata in the backyard (no prior informed consent needed).

Not every piece and not every application will be for everyone that's certain, but for those who are predisposed to relate the spiritual nature of a piece of music to the spiritual flow of their physical movements these pieces promise to bring a unique quality of peace and joy to their practice of aikido.

Best regards,


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