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How does putting putting an elementary school student in a Ph D. course give understanding of that Universe to the student?
So, your dojo separates the class and teaches 5th kyu techniques to the 5th kyu students, 3rd kyu techniques to the 3rd kyu students and so on? (I'm betting no)

In other words, there aren't lesson plans and basics/competancies that must be mastered as a prerequiste for other techniques. So the division --- by rank --- is artificial, is it not?
If I have never trained in any martial art and was looking for a good school a valid question would be "how does the school and myself chart my personal progress.
What is progress? That's not a retorical quesiton. How can you accurately measure something if you don't know what that "something" is? More to the point, several people have mentioned rank exams are "demonstrations". What does a "demonstration" measure?

Students that train hard and long and gain rank, show a commitment to the dojo.
I would say students that train hard and show a commitment to the dojo create a healthy atmosphere. Rank has nothing to do with it.

How many people do you know who would join a dojo with students or a teacher with no rank? I know of none.
Off the top of my head, every boxer (western, muay thai), wrestler and sambist on the planet. Most jkd'ers and everyone in AAU Judo in the US. For aikido, look no further than David Lynch


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