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Re: Elegance

Gerardo Torres wrote: View Post
For the record, Iwama style teachers and schools are no different to other aikido schools in that they also train their uke in specific ways of receiving. Some aikido styles out there like to claim badass aikido or "the real aikido", and many like to put down other styles. Truth is they all use the trained uke model, whether it's a more technically-oriented style or not. As soon as they go out of their style with different uke, their stuff doesn't work as expected anymore (it only takes a bit of experience and honesty to observe this). If any particular style had the "real goods", all aikidoka would flock to that style just like people flocked to Ueshiba and Takeda. But that ain't happening, right?
I don't agree with this. I believe it's a matter of understanding why that uke 'model' is correct. To be able to have it work with uke's from a different style is purely down to how advanced the practitioner is I would say. Thus it's not a matter of particular style but rather particular individuals. Alas I digress from topic.

On that topic I personally don't and wouldn't use the term elegance myself but would use the term grace or graceful. For me when substance becomes graceful we have a high standard.

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