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RE: Elegance

As I can't post reply on the other forum:

I like Alexander post.
Aestheticism comes from natural, powerful and efficient - under any circumstances - technique, not from collaborative uke. It means also, that this elegance is not flashy but rather austere. That is why I like very much Saito sensei way of doing techniques.

Many teachers, after years of training his ukes in specific way of receiving, forgot about such basic thing and pretend to practice ‘sophisticated' aikido…which of course is false and purely artificial.
When uke is trying with all his capacities to harmonize with tori to make a technique/teacher look ‘beautiful' it becomes ridicule. From this situation was born a legend that in aikido we shouldn't use the muscles LOL It always makes me laugh so hard(by using a lot of muscles!) - even typing on the keyboard one has to use muscles, let alone walking or throwing somebody…


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