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Re: My thoughts on competition vs Non-competioin

Well, lots of that looks wrong to me. The quote system is a bit awkward so I'll add my comments in bold
Andrew Bedford wrote: View Post
... feel free to add or comment on anything I've written.

Competitive:- Teaches

1. To win
2. To crush the opponent Not at all, crush? Why? Heavyweight Judo, sure, but not much else.
3. At any cost ( within the rules) Ridiculous.
4. This teaches one how to dominate the opponent
5. This proves Who is physically stronger. Nope, physically weaker can prevail using Luck, timing, technique and experience. Physically stronger obviously gives an advantage.

Non-competitive:- Teaches

1. To not lose ( so no one loses). Nope, it actually teaches to Lose by the absence of competition.
2. To take care of the opponent
3. So there is no cost to anyone (because there really are no rules) ??What??
4. This teaches one how to create harmony.
5. This proves it's not about strength. It's about spirit. The opposite! The strongest spirit is honed by competition!
Now, I suspect these lists are there to promote Non-competition and make competition look bad ... to what end?
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