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Re: Tozando Hakama Weight

Hi Mike,

When I lived in Japan I used to work for Tozando. You got to trust me on this: I went to work for them because their products are so good. I'm not saying their products are good because I used to work for them.

The hakama you got will certainly be heavy enough for training of any kind - you need not worry that it's going to weak, light, fragile, or flimsy. It is not one of those little thin cheapo hakama you see coming out of a jo-blow massive martial arts catalog. I cannot give you the exact weight but if you email Tozando and ask them they will provide you with that information. I'd ask for the weight of two hakama - maybe three (so you can get a sense of how heavy yours is). Get the weight for the indigo hakama and maybe the next expensive regular cotton hakama - plus yours. To the best of my recollection - the hakama you ordered is actually their heaviest (however I am not sure how heavy those man-made fabrics are since I was never into them personally - yet - when somone was wearing one on the mat I always found myself saying, "Wow - that looks really nice!" lol)

best of luck,

David M. Valadez
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