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Re: how do i delete my fucking account

Joep Schuurkes wrote: View Post
For one, what about the pirates?
You see..THIS is the problem with the Aikido community. We are all like...uhhhh, what abooout the priates? whinnne!

Always gotta be PC and all that!

We all know that all priates work for either the Dutch, Spanish, or the Portuguese....okay Somali's want in on it too these days, but they aren't REAL pirates as they I have not seen them wear eye patches or really cool pirate hats.

and THAT would really piss of the Ninja as they have always been a little self conscious about the fact that there is no Ninja hat, and they secretly really wanna where a hat, but have not found one that stays on their heads when doing ninja flips, while throwing shurikens.

Anyway....I digress...

pissing off ninja is not good. They would probably start taking it out on all the pirates and then probably even kill some folks that were not really pirates, but dressed up like the workers at Long John Silver.

This is definitely NOT a good thing as then the Workers at Long John Silver would start complaining about the random Ninja deaths of fellow employees and they would go to the Yakuza for protection from the Ninja.


well the Yakuza...well lets just say that they have to ask Chuck Norris for "permission" to protect the employees of Long John Silver.....

Sigh... you see why bringing pirates into the conversation can be problematic?