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Re: Functional Origins of Aikido/Daito-Ryu Techniques

Chris Parkerson wrote: View Post
I have found and continue to learn that virtually every principle in Yanagi as a Koryu art can be discovered in the first technique: Ikkyo. The first layer of learning is the kata. Not always the best application against a trained grappler. But the many variations of how to control an outstretched arm is a larger study. You can begin with jujitsu application, move to aikijutsu and ultimately Aiki no jutsu.
The name "Yanagi-ryu" sounds familiar to me, but I can't quite place it. I checked on YouTube, and found this:

What's Yanagi-ryu's historical provenance, if I might ask? (e.g. armored, unarmored, self-defense, military) Does it contain many aikido-like techniques?

The video linked to above does seem to have a section of aikido-like grappling techniques, which seem to be presented as weapon disarms. Is that an accurate characterization?

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