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Last week my game was in the 90's and now it's 100. I hope 80 rolls around soon It's really true what you say though. Right now, I'm not sure if my brain is figuring out what I was doing right or what I still need to do right. damn.

Originally posted by akiy

I guess I'm agreeing with George Leonard sensei who says in his book Mastery that we all encounter plateaus in our training before progress. He says that progress can not happen without these plateaus. One example he uses is that for a person who is used to playing in the 90's in golf to get his game down into the 80's, he's probably going to have to play in the 100's while he's "improving" his game.

I think that all of the training that we've done so far, whether we "understand" it or not, comes into play when we're learning something. These "sudden" spurts of improvement, in my mind, wouldn't come without periods of not "understanding."

-- Jun
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