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Brian Sutton
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Re: kokyuho and the reverse breath.

Are we looking at whole body power versus segmenting the body using isolated muscle groups. To put the whole body in the hand is a skill that is sadly missing in the arts that they were designed for. A martial art in a traditional sense assumed was up against great odds 2. The respected technique was to lead to a place of permance and completion of the conflict at hand. With these assumptions in mind, a persons practice should include method to maximise effectiveness while minimizing effort.
A paradox, I know but once felt, never forgotten. This is the complete opposite of sport fighting.

Reverse breathing connects the upper and lower half of the body. To say the goods can't be delivered on because it's unnatural at first. I would say everything is unnatural at first. That's the purpose of training and conditioning. In the end the breath is the breath and a punch is a punch, to quote Bruce Lee.

If the breath is used in the nomenclature, would seem that one would want to explore that.
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