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Brian Sutton
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kokyuho and the reverse breath.

Inhale, pulling abdomen in: pulling tendons to bones. Making extending ki easier. Creating an expansive yet integrated feeling in the body.

Exhale, pushing abdomen out: dropping, rooting, leveling and creating a integrated feeling in the body. Allowing force coming in to transmit more easily to the ground. Helping the body to withstand and redirect the outside force downward.

So kokyuho translates to breathing exercise. I've noticed some Dojos put more emphasis on the breath while others put less.

Any thoughts on this?

I've noticed the reversed breath as way to help establish and maintain kokyuo throughout.

Any thoughts on the emphasis of breath in Aikido?

Any breathing exercises of your own?

Any tips or suggestions on maintaining kokyuho throughout all of Aikido practice?

Thank you.
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