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Steve Pilling
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Aikido DVDs available in Europe?

I have just started to train in Aikido and have a couple of weeks out over Christmas. I would really like to get a good DVD series to let me learn and train a bit if possible at home alone on the basic techniques. Looking in European versions of Amazon it looks like there are really no good DVDs explaining Aikido techniques. The only ones they have get terrible reviews. I did a search on this site for previous threads about DVDs (including the reviews) but only find DVDs from the US and Canada (which area bit of a pain to order and may not even work here)

So does anyone know of any good DVDs focusing on techniques that can be obtained here in Europe. I have only been introduced to Ikkyo, Nikkyo and Kotaegeshi so far so there is definitely a lot to learn and I am not getting any younger!

Any suggestions are welcome. And Happy Christmas Everyone
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