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Re: Heavyweight Hakama Easier to Move in?

I think it has little to with the type of material, and all to do with the length.

When I wore my old kendo hakama (heavy cotton (duck canvas), very stiff) it was cut just above my ankle -- perfect for quick movements and I never got hung up on it.

My Aikido hakama (polyester) is cut across the middle of my ankle and occasionally gets caught on my own toe (usually when switching from suwari-waza to tachi-waza quickly -- but I find if I have enough time to do a quick kick out forward before I step up the hakama flies out enough to not tangle).

In truth the only real difference in terms of material weight is the heat! Those heavy duck canvas hakamas (kendo) make you roast, and I had to wear shorts under them.
Whereas the poly hakama is such a light material it is quite cool (plus the crisper material holds the pleat much better of course too).

Going up stairs in any hakama it is a total pain though (especially if you only have one hand free cause you carrying your bokken, etc. -- quite funny to watch I'm sure).

Bruce Kimpel
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