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Tatsuya Yamada (C"'j) wrote:
A good effort with some decent material. Unfortunately, NOT a full history of the NY Aikikai. Neglects The NY Aikikai history prior to the arrival of Yamada Sensei in 1964. The dojo was operating for some years prior to that...the most prominent name probably being Virginia Mayhew. I believe Mike Abrams (On this DVD) is the only link on this film between the Pre 1964 Aikikai and post 1964 Aikikai. It would of been nice to see more about the early days of the dojo leading up to the arrival of Yamada Sensei since there is a wealth of information about it still existing with some of the older members in the dojo.
I noticed that from the promotional clip. Rick Rowell, who is in the Bay Area, goes back that far and is still active as a teacher as well.
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