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1/05/2003 10:49pm [from Jun Akiyama]

A new 90 minuite DVD entitled, "New York Aikikai: Past, Present, and Future" has just been released by MindfulGroup. The DVD chronicles "the history of Aikido and how it relates to the New York Aikikai [including] vintage films and phototgraphs of the original dojo and its early members, as well as never before seen footage of Yamada sensei and Sugano sensei." The DVD also includes demonstration and interviews with Yamada sensei, Sugano sensei, Harvey Konigsberg, Mike Abrams, Donovan Waite, Steve Pimsler, Jane Ozeki, Butch Chernofsky, Hal Lehrman, Robert Workoff, Tina Shepard, Douglas Firestone, and Ruth Peyser. To purchase this DVD, please contact the producers at (212) 677-7363 or . Quicktime preview available here.
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