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Re: Daily Applications of Aikido

Katherine Derbyshire wrote: View Post

It *is* a martial art, someone at nidan level *should* be able to take decent ukemi, and it was a class setting. I don't see what's so terrible about providing a physical demonstration of one's skills when one is requested. Maybe if more people were able/willing to respond in that way we'd hear less BS about how "aikido doesn't work."

I'd be more interested in hearing the person's teacher explain how someone with such a complete lack of manners or humility managed to get promoted to nidan.

Dear Katherine,
I would suggest to you that this was not a question of the senior person demonstrating his abilities.Phil stated he sent the person 'back to school 'and he then went on to give the guy a 15 min towsing. Well I do not know about you but anybody who does this sort of thing in my book is a person who takes liberties.Whether or not the nidan could take ukemi is not the issue.The junior may well have spoken out of turn but the senior abused his position. As far as the nidan requesting that he should receive a drubbing how do come to that conclusion?Do you think the Nidan said,'come on Phil, throw me around like a rag doll for 15 mins ?'Phil rather than shrug off the comments of the nidan ,used his superior skills to demolish the guy.This is taking advantage of the junior, in a word Phil was in this instance a bully.
The senior clearly got upset about the juniors comments and the senior decided to give the junior a hard time.Do you think this is good behaviour from the senior?You say if more people could respond the way Phil did there would be less people saying Aikido doesnt work.I do not see the encounter between two combatants , where the skills differential is clear, as an example of Aikido working .
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