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Re: Daily Applications of Aikido

Phil Van Treese wrote: View Post
Aikido is a great martial art to show people a different path in life, how you SHOULD react to certain situations etc, etc, etc. Aikido will not change you and your attitude but it will show you what would be a better way to handle any given situation. However, a person will always refer back to how he/she was brought up and the character h/s has. Unfortunately, I am very confrontational and you can ask my class that. I will back off to a degree in a situation and then the buck stops with an attitude that I have. I was at a seminar awhile ago and was working with an extremly high ranking nidan who, with a little attitude, informed me I really wasn't very good and that I should know better of what I was doing. Mr. Nidan was bounced from one end of the floor to the other for the next 15 minutes and he found who was good and who wasn't. I could've let his snide remark go and used the aiki to avoid it but it just hit me wrong so "he went to school"! Aiki will show you a peaceful way to handle situations but sometimes that way you were raised comes into play and the aiki will take a back seat.
Dear Phil,
An extremely high ranking Nidan?How do you arrive at the conclusion that the guy is high ranking?Then again its all relative.In the kingdom of the blind a one eyed chap is king.Did you get pleasure bouncing this guy around?Whydid you not just humour the guy and carry on with your own work?He might have been wrong in his assessment of your skills but would you say that you treated the guy in a correct manner?Seems to me you need to consider your own actions rather than
take umbrage at the guy.Giving him a drubbing is imo not the way to conduct oneself.Remember what goes around goes around.As far as your behaviour is concerned here maybe you should have known better ?? Cheers, Joe.
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