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Re: Daily Applications of Aikido

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I'm sure there are many people who would point out that you could have cultivated that attitude by engaging in any number of non-Aikido practices. While that may be so, the fact is that you didn't. Yours, along with the examples cited by Mary E. are what Tohei called applications of Ki in daily life. When we take our practice out of the dojo we begin to see the range of possibilities available to us for applying what we've learned on the mat to situations off the mat.

Well, to be fair I did begin much of that before Aikido. Going "mindless" and focusing on rhythm and breath was how I used to induce runners' high during training runs in soccer practice as a kid. It happened once on accident and I was surprised at how pleasant it was and how little I hurt later, despite the extra speed I ran with. But Aikido has become another lens for me to view things like this. To my mind there is "the way of things," and then there are the myriad ways people go about learning about their little corner of "the way." Because I do largely have Aikido in mind now while I'm trying to refine the actions of my mind and body, that's typically what I refer to.

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