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Re: Ki and power and cooperation

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On just this one quote... My work with a heavy bag changed dramatically as I focused on this. Still a lot of work to do, but I found the feeling of working the bag changed too. Power went up, power changed. Delivery came at odder and odder angles for me. A friend visited recently who I used to train with and he commented that on the bag I seemed faster than I ever was before. And how did I manage that being 10 years older, a bit fatter, and a lot more injured...

Dynamic stillness. Makes for surprisingly fast striking and movement.

Still trying to grok it all... Back to my rubber bands. And I need to find some time to get together with Gary...
All true and demonstrable of the basic attributes one starts to gain from a connected body. Yet another very troubling thing to try and dialogue with people about when they claim to have ki and connection and you watch them move and go "huh?"
As one ICMA grand master level guy said...."You cannot pretend dantian. You will be found out." So it is troubling for those with real connection to watch those who beyond all claims to the contrary don't have a connected body and show many structural failures while supposedly being connected and connecting to someone else.

Beyond the power model there is the aiki model and the very real attributes of spiral movement and why Ueshiba stated that the mysteries of Aiki are revealed in dual spiral movement. It takes Tohei's model to a far deeper level and expresses aiki or jins everywhere at once.
I will be at ADV in Sept if you can make it.
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