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I "dodged bullets" in Viet Nam and a couple of other spots. We called it "duck and cover" or at times, you just attack with no thought of survival and some how you come out alive.

Seriously, there is something to developing an ability to recognize danger before it happens. There's a bit in Seven Samurai where the honcho is testing people to see if he wants them watching his back, etc.

It's a common thing for people to tell stories, embellish the truth, see their gurus, mentors, teachers, heroes and heroines, and loved ones, etc. through rose colored glasses at times. As the stories are retold and then told again most of us catch a bigger fish each time or in some way connect ourself with the hero in order to gain some juice. It's human nature.

As one of my teachers said, "Cultivate Great Faith Tempered With Great Doubt."

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