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Re: No Touch Throws

Andrew Macdonald wrote: View Post
no touch throws or not, if you have been conditioned to throw yourself on the ground as a reaction to anything coming towards you before contact has been made, then you are really practicing a dangerous habit
It seems in the 5 years that this thread has been hibernating, that opinions about 'no touch throws' have remained static.

I guess they are either seen as false, fake, stupid or dangerous, be the nay sayers. Or they are seen as an integral part of serious aikido practice.

What I would suggest to those who don't 'believe' in them is to watch a number of vids on Ueshiba, see them happening then ask the question, why?

If they were good enough for Ueshiba and his uke's, then they are good enough for me.

It seems to me that there may be aikido students out there whose teachers have not attained a high enough personal level ofnaikido to be able to reproduce some of what Ueshiba was showing. Maybe it's not their fault, maybe their own teachers either didn't have it themselves or they did and they were in effective in teaching it. It seems from the debates about IS/IP/aiki, that there is a fair degree of lack out there in the wide world of aikido.

No touch throws are not the be all and end all of aikido, just an aspect of practice that is manifested by power, timing, intent, connection, following, leading, and a desire to continue through to a natural conclusion and be able to get up and attack again.

If you've never been on the end of one, shame, they are great to experience, I always get back up on my feet with a smile on my face.



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