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Re: No Touch Throws

This reminds me of something funny that happened to me one day when I had less than a year of training. It was randori day. As a novice, I only had one opponent. So at one point, Sempai attacked, and I did what Sensei always tells us not to do: I expected a particular technique, a shomen, and I started to counter with irimi nage. As I was raising my hand, I realized that the attack was not a shomen at all. It was a front kick. Surprised, I slightly changed my hand's trajectory, and Sempai suddenly saw it coming right at his face. Or, more exactly, he's face was coming straight at my open hand. So he had a reflex: he jerked his head backward, while his hips were still pushing forward into the kick. Well, guess what happened? Sempai fell without my ever touching him.
Of course, there is such a thing as the no touch throw!
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