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Re: No Touch Throws

Roosvelt Freeman wrote:
I think we should call it quit. With open mind, I wanted to know what's behind the magic "no touch throw". So far, the answers have been dispointing.
So you are looking for magic where there is none. No wonder you are disappointed.

I've heard of teachers that demonstrate "choreographed" no-touch throws but I've never seen them. Perhaps an urban legend.

A few times I've lost my balance quite spectacularily avoiding a strike that came out of no where. They occured in punch kick arts that I did as well as Aikido and not once was it planned (most were during sparing). I've even managed to pull off a couple myself under similar circumstance to everyone's amusement. But as Dan points out why would anyone put themselves in a position where they would give up their balance. A boxer will tell you its all in the set-up. You need to get you opponent moving in a way that you can take advantage of.

The harmony you seek is the relationship between the two opponents - each reacting to each other - the dominant individual reacting less and if he is really good controlling the weaker's reactions.

Don't believe in potentially lethal strikes? Hmmm - open up an anatomy book sometime. They are even easier to comprehend than no touch throws.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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