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Re: No Touch Throws

Why not? If the "no touch throw" works on touch and highly "skilled" aikidoda, why doesn't it work on a layman?
Simple, because what most of us are talking and agreeing about here is something that happens in aikido with trained individuals, and has been explained to you in more than one post. If a layman were to attack with real commitment and the nage were to perform his defence with the sort of power that causes a trained aikidoka to ukemi out of without 'touch', the layman would sustain damage to some degree, simple, simple and simple again. That's why, no magic just plain simple ordinary mechanics - get out of the way - ok don't get out of the way not ok.
If you still feel that getting out of the way of a possible leathal strike is for wimps and poodles, then so be it, I will bow out of this discussion and go and practice with my fellow dogs, we enjoy ourselves doing what we do, thanks.
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