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Re: Shiho nage the sticking technique for noobs

Uke can escape Shiho nage if their hand raises above their own head, even if you've managed to keep their hand "in your centre" as we like to say. As a general rule, try not to let their hand move much above the shoulder of the same arm. This usually means lowering your stance to move under their arm, keeping it extended without unnecessary pulling or twisting. Over time the low position is needed less and less, as you slowly understand how to keep Uke extended and off balance as you position yourself for the final cut. But as a basic construction it works very well.

As for the 4 directions, I think the name is confusing. There is a 4-directional sword exercise that can be said to be the inspiration for it, but both that exercise and Shiho nage itself can be performed in any direction you can find on a compass. You could also say that the the technique has 4 kinds of movement regardless of direction; the raising and lowering of your hands in a sword-like manner, and the in-front/behind positions passed-through by a turning movement. I like the explanation given above by Janet about the individual cuts in the technique. I've not heard that one before.

But all of this is not unique to Shiho nage, so perhaps it's enough to think of the name as just a name.
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