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Re: "resisting" a push part 2

Dave de Vos wrote: View Post
My stability is different from different directions, because in some directions, body alignment happens to contribute to my stability, but IMO that's not what's being tested. What's being tested is the development of that which does not rely on aligning my body to the direction of the force. Ideally, I would develop that other thing to a point that the contribution of body alignment is more or less inconsequential.
I would agree with this. That is one distinguishing characteristic is that people who work on IS feel very strong in compromised positions. They don't need a structural alignment in order to convey power to the ground or into a training partner. My intent is not to pick on Chris H, but he keeps on going back to the structural model, but the structural model fails when there is no alignment. The ability not to have to reset from a compromised position is one unique characteristic to IS movement not found in athletics.

In the following picture, imagine someone has gotten you to a compromised position where structure is not going to help. Some might recognize this from Forrest Chang's SJT video.

Can you counter it without resetting? Obviously while resetting, your opponent can still apply force and make it worse for you. If you know how to move the body in an IS matter, you don't need to reset.
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