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Re: Escape from ikkyo ??

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The picture of Aikido you paint, with people kicking uke in the head and choking them on regular basis, does not align with the reality of how Aikido is practiced and seen around the world.

This is also known as:

Second, the knee pins aren't unreliable, it's how you use them that's reliable or not otherwise cops wouldn't use them all the time. Anytime you see a cop using a full body katame waza technique on somebody he either made a mistake or that's the last line of defense (meaning he made a mistake in the first place).
More "No True Scotsman" seen here, plus "moving the goalposts". I didn't say "knee pins", I said "Aikido kneeling pins" are unreliable, because they are.

What I asked was which dojos make a difference based on "philosophy" and how do they actually do that. For the record, one on the counters I learned for iriminage was ippon seoi nage.
I have no idea what this means. It is clear, however, that Aikido has a guiding philosophy in the way the majority of it is practiced. Partially it is derived from battlefield tactics, partially from being neutered with messages of pacifism.
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