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Re: Escape from ikkyo ??

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Seriously now, which "philosophy" has what to do with a technical body positioning movement?
For example, Aikido philosophy dictates what is done from the moment of kotegaeshi throw. You could step on uke's neck, but you don't, because that's not "the art of peace". You could transition into an armbar, but you don't, because Aikido's philosophy is based around fleeting engagement, where you don't get entangled. It values unreliable kneeling pins over ne-waza controls, because it prioritizes freedom of movement. What do you do after irimi nage? Do you pin uke down, hit him? Nothing. Are you ever allowed to choke uke? Nope.

These are distinct decisions based on Aikido philosophy.

And where the hell do you find dojos that make a difference between an escape and reversal based on philosophy?
There is a clear difference between an escape and a reversal. Escape ends the encounter, reversal continues it, but shifts the balance of power.
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