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Re: What do you think Aikido is.

Aikido is a traditional martial art with focus on weapon retention, which makes it sub-optimal for modern confrontations. Its main structural weaknesses are vulnerability to faster attacks done at emptyhand range, and reliance on uke to hold onto nage without motivation. With weapons, uke would hold on to immobilize or take away the weapon, or to protect himself. Without... it starts to fall apart.

Tenshin Aikido and some other modernized sub-styles (like Bruce Bookman's) can significantly bump Aikido's usability in self-defense scenarios, by increasing usability at short range and introducing ways to maintain connection with uke without relying on him to stupidly glue himself to you. This includes shortening many timings, as well.

IMO Aikido should remain a traditional system (but modernized) and not try to morph itself into MMA. The benefit of traditional systems is that they're far more sustainable in training than combat systems, and don't require you to shape your whole life around them with strict diet and recovery. There's a tradeoff you make in lowered ability to defend against trained fighters, but everything in life is a trade-off, and Aikido definitely has its niche. It's nice to have choices.

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