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Walter Martindale
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Re: What do you think Aikido is.

David Skaggs wrote: View Post
(SNIP) Modern day Aikido is; personal developement, healthy exercise, a social club, a philosophy of life, a religion. It is anything but martial.

What do you think Aikido is.

Depends on the dojo. One dojo I trained in, we wore teeth/mouthguards in case things went WORNG.. Every technique had "here's for inside the dojo, here's for beginners, and here's for "real""
Now in the second dojo in which the sensei gets annoyed if the attack won't cause damage if you don't do your aikido - NO, I'm HERE - hit me HERE - it's my job to not be there when the hit arrives...

However, I've also been in dojo (not many) where it's more "let's dance" than "martial"
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