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Re: Escape from ikkyo ??

Jaemin Yu wrote: View Post
I think I know what you talk about and it feels like folding uke as if compressing an empty coke can. So all -kyo wazas feel like nikyo. Btw, there are still room for escaping if uke keeps(or at least tries to keep) his own balance.
I don't even see it as an escape. My view is that it's not balance that uke needs to keep, but posture (or control of tanden to describe it another way). If they keep their posture, they can easily repair their 'balance' and reverse the relationship, taking back sente (initiative) far deeper into receiving a technique than most people except. I can 'reverse' many people while they are still sinking into the pin after the throw if they've given away too much.

Jaemin Yu wrote: View Post
Nage becomes very prone to counter when he folds uke through his arms. So uke can take balance of nage and reverse the waza. I'm not sure it's applicable out of lab(mat) but worthwhile to try.
I think outside the lab requires a different type of experimentation, one that might not be prone to acceptable interactions with those around you.

IME with some recent unintentional encounters (not really attacks, but situations) where people accidentally bumped into me, this operated because instead of entirely losing my balance, I kept my alignment, put my foot down in a new place without even thinking about it, and they bounced off of me and I caught them just by reaching out and changing their vector so that they fell back onto balance instead of on the ground. It was both surprising and interesting at the same time because I could feel myself deciding to save them instead of finishing them all in an instant. And none of it looking like technique, because it wasn't.

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