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Re: Escape from ikkyo ??

Jaemin Yu wrote: View Post
I think I know what you talk about and it feels like folding uke as if compressing an empty coke can. So all -kyo wazas feel like nikyo. Btw, there are still room for escaping if uke keeps(or at least tries to keep) his own balance. Nage becomes very prone to counter when he folds uke through his arms. So uke can take balance of nage and reverse the waza. I'm not sure it's applicable out of lab(mat) but worthwhile to try. Rupert Atkinson and me were working together with this and he may chime in further discussing.

Jaemin was my student in Korea for 10 years. Then I left. Then I went back. Jaemin was then a senior programmer at Samsung = smart. Very smart. Probably not many smarter. And he had/has been studying this n that. Aiki / Aunkai / anything. He was/is now my teacher. I am now back in NZ and trying to figure it all out!

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