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Re: Escape from ikkyo ??

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Tough talking about things this technical online without hands on, but here's my take.

At your first touch, you should be taking uke and destroying their ability to remain standing without being dependent upon your connection. If you've acheived this, speed or timing is no longer a solution you need to utilize.

I'm often amazed at how much people push upwards on their uke in the process of making techniques, and ikkyo is one of the places where I've seen that the most. Pushing upward invariably means that you're standing uke up rather than the inverse, and uke has many more choices to escape.

FWIW, there are always 'escapes' built into any set of body relationships during technique. It's the nature of these things.

I think I know what you talk about and it feels like folding uke as if compressing an empty coke can. So all -kyo wazas feel like nikyo. Btw, there are still room for escaping if uke keeps(or at least tries to keep) his own balance. Nage becomes very prone to counter when he folds uke through his arms. So uke can take balance of nage and reverse the waza. I'm not sure it's applicable out of lab(mat) but worthwhile to try. Rupert Atkinson and me were working together with this and he may chime in further discussing.

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