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Re: Escape from ikkyo ??

Hello altogether,

as a long time practioneer in germany (sorry for my poor language knowledge ;-)) I'm reading and surching a lot of those typical problems with some aikido waza - thanks to YT and other stuff in www it is nowadays a little bit easier ;-)

Two years ago, I found some stuff in YT from Mr. Ryuki Hajime, which I find very helpful - alltough aikido, he is very uncommon in his explanations (and also in his appearance), I think.
Here is an example of his" Ikkyo-version" (starting with explaining from sword (shinai) - the arm-movement beginns at 7:35).
What I found interesting ist, that he goes direct in the line of attac and the contact point is on uke's shomenuchi (and weight) on the way downward and not upward.

In this form I find, an escape is very diffucult - does anybody eventually know Mr. Hajime and his aikido lineague ? There is a lot of stuff over a decade or more in his channel with some very unusual explanations of - I would say - standard aikido waza, but with no doubt not aikikai or iwama or any other standard I would know.

Best regards from germany
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