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Re: Escape from ikkyo ??

Stefan Hultberg wrote: View Post
I know it's not a problem, there are a billion things that can be done and, as you say, uke is not exactly better off.

What I'm looking for, though, is some elegant way to stop the roll reversal (didn't know that term ), preferrably without going too much into "other techniques". I suppose I'm looking for a very traditional aikido-certified and peaceful - but controlling - way to carry out ikkyo and make sure uke lands on his stomach - or face - in a very aikido-nerdy way

I have a session with Sensei about this specific topic tonight. Will report

All the best

Wow - that's a lot of qualifications. Peaceful, elegant - yet controlling.

The ikkyo I know and love is far more difficult to role out of. The bent elbow travels over uke's head as tori steps around him. Far more direct with little wiggle room.

Soooo - in my opinion as the elbow moves away from the body the opportunity to role out increases. Keep it tight.

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