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Re: Escape from ikkyo ??

There are a number of ways. I like Saito sensei's three levels of timing - very early (almost uke attacking, a Jodan version of shomenuchi ikkyo), a chudan version a little later in the technique, and the arm getting all the way behind the back, and then eventually all the way to the ground.

Bruce Bookman showed me that morotedori is basically ikkyo, and kotegaeshi, and nikyo, and sankyo, etc. two hands on one, with subtle variations in the hands.

The reversals are about learning the holes in the basic techniques, and then learning to fill the holes in. Mi don't approach reversals asa way of reversing anything but rather a way to improve the technique being reversed, or seeing when the technique should be discarded in favor of another. My two cents, hope that made sense.
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