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Escape from ikkyo ??

There are many ways to "escape" ikkyo -- and many ways to stop the escape. There is one particular way to escape ikkyo, though, that I find troubling. Certainly some atemi, good old hair grabbing, a pencil in the nostril could solve the problem, but I'm looking for an elegant, aikido-like solution to my problem.
There are a myriad of ways to perform ikkyo. I will start with a short description of a basic ikkyo in my dojo. This is my foundation for this whole problem & post.
If we assume that I wish to carry out an ikkyo using uke's right arm then, after a good smack toward's uke's face nage will grab uke's right wrist or hand with his (nage's) right hand. Nage's right hand will either encircle uke's wrist with the te gatana on the "pulse-side" or I will have uke's hand in a nikkyo-position. Nage's left hand will be holding uke's arm in such a way that the te-gatana pushes down on uke's arm immediately above the elbow. Nage will then slide forwards, pushing uke's elbow "through" his face (or ear) and continue the movement until uke almost loses his balance forwards. Then, at the correct time uke will be pushed diagonally towards the left and down on his stomach.
Now, if uke -- just before he loses his balance -- makes a roll over his left arm then he is out of the ikkyo - not necessarily out of trouble, though, as he is very vulnerable to many other techniques just as he is coming out of the roll and is on his back.
Ikkyo can easily be turned into a kokyunage if, at the end of the technique, nage does not put uke on his stomach, but uses uke's arm and a "push" towards the side of uke in order to throw him forwards, sometimes into a roll. This is the intentional use of ikkyo as a kokyunage whereas I am talking about the unintentional roll of uke when performing basic ikkyo, i.e. not as a throw but as a controlled takedown and lock with uke on his stomach.
I have found two ways to stop uke rolling -- both quite difficult and very sensitive to timing. Either (if holding uke's hand in the nikkyo-position) one can pull up and back on uke's elbow, thus turning the ikkyo into a nikkyo and thus blocking the escape-roll. This is either done by grabbing uke's gi (or other clothes) at the elbow or actually letting the left hand swivel towards the "opposite" (inner) side of uke's elbow. Alternatively one can push uke much more straight down in the final move, thus trapping uke's head (face) against the ground, essentially placing the head (face) of uke as a block against the roll.
Both of these "stops" have to be executed early, as soon as uke's roll has actually begun it makes much more sense to control uke as his roll is about to finish and he is on his back.
Alternatively, if timed correctly, one can change the strategy when uke has started the roll and turn the ikkyo into the kokyunage, sending him on his way by using his own roll-energy combined with a push and ki-extension of nage.
Does anybody have a suggestion on how to optimally stop uke from rolling out of "my" basic ikkyo?
Please let me know if it sounds like I've confused left/right or something else somewhere, damn it's not easy to describe techniques in text !!

All the best
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