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Re: Post Modern Aikido?

Robert M Watson Jr wrote: View Post
I don't know about the "reconciliation part" but my instructor (and maybe Mr. Freeman can comment based on his short time visiting) deploys a structured yet extemporaneous style or method of instruction. What I mean is there is always a monthly and quarterly set of "themes" that guide our practice and depending on exactly who is in class instruction is tailored to the needs of those present. Initially, for me, it was quite confusing as it seemed everyone was being taught different things but eventually I caught on and tried to pay more strict attention to what I was doing and the needs of my junior partners (and the specific instruction they were given).

So we get both a definite structured plan as well as "real time" adjustments suited for the needs of those present. The worst thing that happens is exposure to high level material when one is possibly not quite ready for it but that is kind of nice, too.
Hi Robert,

I remember my visit to your dojo well. One which I really enjoyed, as it was the furthest away in style from what I was used to. I had to rely on my ability to copy what I saw as quickly as possible, as so much of the instruction was called in Japanese. I thought Sensei Hendricks was very tolerant of my lack of language. I appreciated her structured method of teaching and the lightness of touch that balanced the very focussed regard to the curriculum. She was also the most formal of all of the teachers I met, inquiring with genuine interest my own lineage and teachers history. And like all of the west coast dojos I visited, I was made very welcome by both the Sensei and all of the students.

However, to try and keep the thread on track, most of us practice what we are shown for many years, and in time are called on to pass that knowledge on to others and become teachers ourselves. How many of us are challenged to rethink what we know? After all, people come to us to learn because we know more than them, that's what teachers are for, aren't they?

I'm not suggesting in my posts that everyone should drop what they are doing, I know that will not happen. But I am suggesting that what I came across in L.A in Corky's Lab, may well in the future, be a common way of practice in aikido... Of course I could be completely wrong,,, For me the value in what he is doing, is in the unconventional non technique method of dealing with a real attack on centre. It is so different from what we are used to it sort of boggles the mind. The result is the peaceful resolution of conflict, which is as far as I am aware, is what aikido is supposed to be

Please pass my regards on to Sensei Hendricks and to the rest of your dojo.



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