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Re: Post Modern Aikido?

I don't know about the "reconciliation part" but my instructor (and maybe Mr. Freeman can comment based on his short time visiting) deploys a structured yet extemporaneous style or method of instruction. What I mean is there is always a monthly and quarterly set of "themes" that guide our practice and depending on exactly who is in class instruction is tailored to the needs of those present. Initially, for me, it was quite confusing as it seemed everyone was being taught different things but eventually I caught on and tried to pay more strict attention to what I was doing and the needs of my junior partners (and the specific instruction they were given).

So we get both a definite structured plan as well as "real time" adjustments suited for the needs of those present. The worst thing that happens is exposure to high level material when one is possibly not quite ready for it but that is kind of nice, too.

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