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Re: Post Modern Aikido?

Jørgen Jakob Friis wrote: View Post
If it was an easy journey then it wouldn't be much very interesting I think
True and thanks for responding Jorgen, appreciated

From our last seminar we have videos of the embukai that ended the day. Seven different dojo leaders each giving a 2½-5 minute presentation of what they are currently working on within their aikido. It is to say the least very diverse. Somewhere in a blend of all this I believe really great Aikido exist.
Perhaps this is true too.

So.. not really a response - but a statement to support what I think is the message of the original post: stay true to what is important in your aikido, but remember to constantly challenge what you think you know.
The bold statement is one that I think every aikidoka should practice, but I am not sure that this happens in reality. The longer folk have been following the same path the less it seems they are likely to do this. The main reason I brought attention to Corky's post in the first place, was this is exactly where he is coming from. He questioned some of the fundamental approaches of Aikido and the way that it is practiced. Do the techniques really support the spiritual philosophy of the founder?

Now I will go back to planning tonights training..
I have never planned a lesson in all the years I have been teaching... different paths up the mountain..



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